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Fiber & Cable Services

BSE Fiber & Cable is a full service licensed and bonded installation contractor for fiber optic and copper cabling. We have a highly skilled work force, and full complement of installation and test equipment. We specialize in air blown fiber solutions and are a certified installer for the entire line of Emtelle fibreflow air blown products.  We are a construction partner with, and a certified integrator and installer for Lite Access Technologies and their entire suite of slot cut, air blown, outside plant, inside plant and aerial plant products. Whether ISP, OSP, or AP, cross-town or cross-country, we can deliver and install the innovative fiber optic and cabling solutions needed to surpass any challenge.


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Outside Plant (OSP)

Our conventional and blown fiber cabling solutions compliment the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network delivering a future-proof infrastructure. We install a wide variety of transmission media including copper, fiber optic, twisted pair, baseband and broadband as well as associated components. We also install a variety of security systems and wireless applications including 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g cameras, and WiFi VoIP. BSE’s OSP solution will have your fiber optic network up in no time.

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Aerial Plant (AP)

arial duct

BSE can install a complete family of reliable aerial, self-supporting cable solutions – engineered to specific span and loading conditions. This aerial figure eight system has an integrated steel messenger cable to allow for a quick one-step installation and faster deployment of your network.

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Inside Plant (ISP)

Interior installation and maintenance involve challenges that are difficult to overcome; such as space constraint and network flexibility. Our skilled fiber techs and electricians will enable you to overcome these challenges, while meeting the most rigorous standards. BSE Fiber & Cable operates as a full service, turnkey communications source; we have the capability to provide our customers with virtually any service needed to support the design, deployment, and maintenance of all types of ISP networks. Our greatest strength is the ability to meet the unique needs of clients with multi-site/multi-state projects, while using our own equipment and resources. To excel at this requires coordinated project management, and means 24x7, single point-of-contact coverage, centralized material management, and streamlined communication. Our customers benefit from skills learned on past projects , including blown fiber, Cat 5/6, VOIP, spliced plant, and MDU deployment.

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BSE has taken the steps necessary to put the equipment in place to get the job done. BSE has the in-house capacity to move equipment easily from site to site. With equipment already available, there is virtually no delay in getting started on your next project. BSE has already secured the equipment to start your project in an efficient and productive way to get you results quickly no matter what city or town.


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MicroDuct Technology in Action


Creating a fiber optic connection from one point to another used to be a time consuming and costly event. It meant possibly digging up a street, creating a trench and causing traffic problems until the job was completed and the road repaired.

With MicroDuct Technology the days of digging huge disruptive trenches are over.

Take a moment to watch this brief video of how the MicroDuct Technology is practical, less disruptive to traffic flow, quicker to install than typical trenching methods, and opens the door for a variety of applications.

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