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Employee Awards




Employee of the Quarter

3rd Quarter 2016

Jeffrey Aiken

Electronics Technician- Mountain Home AFB, ID

Job Performance

  • Superbly coordinated load operations for daily flying for 82 aircraft assigned to the 366 FW and 428th Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) utilizing F-15E/F-15SG aircraft
    • Performance led to 724 pod load reconfigurations for 1,910 sorties
    • Site maintained an 99.74 mission capable rate on 54 USAF/11 RSAF pods
  • Performed 535 pre-mission pod operational checks; guaranteed serviceable availability
  • Performed 24 Periodic Maintenance Inspection; coordinated replacement of worn rail nut plate receptacle;  met schedule maintenance with zero late inspections on assigned pods
  • Coordinated hardware acquisition with Program Office (SPO)/CGW Technologies, Inc.   for PSTU Rail Adapter Field modification; allowed connectivity of modified connectors  
  • Installed 10 additional Gigacom Power amps from SPO for testing new SRA/shipped replaced amps back to DRS for redistribution; flown 225 sorties with zero issues
  • Planned/executed three trips to range for RRU maintenance requirements; preformed RRU-9 replacement due to Computer Stack failure/conducted annual PMIs on three units
  • Completed installation of 7 Beefy Hanger Bands remaining P5CTS V1 pods; reduced maintenance of hanger on  assigned pods  guaranteed FMC pods for wing missions
  • Installed ballast weight sets on five P5CTS V2 pods in preparation for VAQ-134 F-18 arrival; delivery pod to ordinance crews for loading operation for planned missions
  • Supported special Gunfighter Flag 16-3 exercise aircraft; installed ballast weight sets on eight P5CTS V2 pods for VFMA-225 USMC and conducted loading operations
    • Exercise produced a better understanding of the Gunfighters combat capabilities seven congressional advisors from Nevada, Oregon and Idaho visit
  • Devised plan to fulfill TCTO 523 RRU connector modification during PMI schedule; three assigned RRUs were modified, tested  and returned to range sites; FMC
  • Developed maintenance schedule to accomplish TCTO 531 Pod Connector Modification during PMI cycle; trained all technicians on difficult task and completed 13 pod
  • Accomplished TCTO 514 Replacement of cable assembly connectors for P5CTS Control Display Unit on CDU-10/30; replaced slide-lock type connectors with screw-on-type
  • Garnered  “Outstanding Rating” COMSEC semi-annual inspection setting base example
  • Completed destruction of old COMSEC TrKEK key and received newly assigned keying material from COMSEC Manager; conducted re-key operations for all pods

Self Improvement

  • Completed annual refresher Flight Line Training Course; Qualified
  • Completed training on new COMSEC  Cryptographic access requirements and DMD, SKL and KIK 30 classes to become familiar with new technology for loading Crypto


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